V5/DK6AO.   Namibia + Penguin-Island,  IOTA AF-070.  1998

Tnx to Marianne and Ulli Dorn for great support with a outstanding Camping-Car. To Karl, V51BG & his wife for License-Help, my wife Konni and my son Mike, for 'lost' (again, hi) a day on an Island.

4-weel-truck (thanks Marianne and Ulli  !)

4-Well-Truck in Sossus Vlei - Desert.

truck on radio-operation

...... with 8m-fibreglass-mast and 3-Band-Dipole.


Luederitz and Penguin Island


Luederitz and Luederitz-Bay.

In the North, Penguin-Island.


One of the "ghosthous" on Penguin. This i'm using as a 'comfortable' shack-room ...



penguin-island_1 penguin-island_3
On Penguin-Island.   Under South-African Government (untill 1994) landing and entry was strictly prohibit.

small but usefully station.

  TS-50S, 100W. Truck-Battery, bottle water .....