TI7/DK6AO    Isla Capitan   NA-191   2008
The Story and the QSL Information.

Activity from Isla Capitan on 03.May 2008.

Unfortunately, I could be only about 3 hours QRV. We arrived at low tide. It started with a not so easy landing. We stood up to the hips in the floods. About 11.30 am the tide was almost on maximum and at least 50% of the island under water. Waves of almost 2 meters were breaking almost everywhere. This caused us then to order the boat which arrived after approx. 20 minutes. Landing was extremely tricky, not to say very dangerous. My XYL and the „Captain“ hold the small boat in the water more or less tight, which was a real task while the waves were breaking. In the meantime I tried to store everything so fast and well as possible. Then the next problem was to cast off, because the „captain“ – while standing in the water – had to hold the dingi with the outboard motor as long as a suitable wave came up which washed us to the sea. At the same time the guy from the boat had to save himself into the boat ....


Back at land we had to enjoy some nice cold beers...... Any rate I had been 3 hours QRV with some hundred QSOs even with Europe. Despite of the bad condx. Sorry for the short activity, but safety was first at this moment.


From April 17. to April 20. 2009 a new activity from the NA-191 group with several OP's is being planned. Go this link....

ti2008_08a.jpg (81271 Byte) 8 a.m.
ti2008_01.jpg (97746 Byte) reach the island
ti2008_02.jpg (150573 Byte) prepair to operation by my xyl
ti2008_03.jpg (145553 Byte) ready, the first contact
ti2008_04.jpg (166771 Byte) not very comfortably
ti2008_05.jpg (125626 Byte) the fibreglas mast with trap-dipol
ti2008_06.jpg (150320 Byte) very basic
ti2008_07.jpg (123998 Byte) waves almost on the operator place
ti2008_08.jpg (72243 Byte) 11.30 a.m.

The operation is valid for IOTA! E-mail from G3KMA,  08. June 2008
QSL Route:
- No eQSL!
- Via Buero is no problem but needs about 1-3 years, dependent on your national QSL service.

- Direct is for sure if you send a self address envelope an the postage.

  Remember the extremly high postage in Germany! For a airmail letter outside of Europe i need US$ 2,68 (3,--)!

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