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wireless amateur radio communication

person to person contact, not machine to machine


German Amateur Radio Station
Active for more than 50 yaers on ham radio bands
My U.S. callsign is K6DAO and my Danish call 5Q6A


WWFF Activity from Mount Etna Sicily Island 2022 in SSB


If i put all my info here, there will be nothing to talk during our QSO


As a former IOTA chaser i look forward to activate some particular islands around the world. In the past, i was active on more than 30 islands in Europe, the USA, Costa RicaNamibia and Canada. I was ham-radio active in several parts of the world include HB0, TK, IT9, CT9, ZS, V5, TI, W, VK, VE7, VY1, KL7 and some more.

Foreign callsign i have used: F0GKW/FC, VK6DAO, VK8DAO and TI7KK. Holder of K6DAO and 5Q6A

  • I look forward to the next activity
  • Meteor Scatter on 50 and 70 MHz
  • 4-Meter-Band in DL 70,150 - 70,210 MHz; 70,200 DX/Local calling (SSB + CW)
  • 4-Meter MGM: 70,151 WSPR; 70,154 FT8; 70,174 MSK144 (MS)
  • My 4-Meter-Band ODX: EA8DBM 3462 km in SSB
  • Member of "Funkamateure e.V." To keep Amateur Radio Friendship alive!
  • 10-10 International Member # 30334
  • DXCC = 341 entities without FT8! IOTA >860 islands, >99% CW or Phone!


Direct only! I am not member of the DARC anymore (up from 2019). I only QSL with traditional paper QSL-card.

I do not use eQSL, or any other such quasi QSL scheme. If you send a direct QSL, you get my card back direct.

QSL cards for any of my activities must be arrived 8 weeks after the activity. On this base, i calculate the number to printing QSL cards. No guarantee for late arriving QSLs.

  • For contacts with my home-station DK6AO, no postage necessary. For any activities, see below.

QSL Service for my Activities and TI7KK (Isla San Jose 2009):
No Bureau anymore! Direct is for sure if you send a self address,
self seal envelope (all other i send back open!)  and the postage = US$3,--. But: No IRC! Only one callsign or one qsl per envelope!


If i put all my info here, there will be nothing to talk during our QSO

  • I use definitely no fucking internet-line (Echolink, VoIP, FT8/image, so called internet CW and more....) for amateur radio 2-way communication; include remote RX/TX. Because it's too easy and too stupid!
  • Self-made QRP: HW7 - Mosquita40 - SST20 - Forty9er - QCXmini - WSPR-TX_LP1


former True Blue DXers Club
Funkamateure e.V.



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