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I start with ham-radio in a age of 14 (1970, long time before the CB-radio era in germany) as a german short wave listener. Two years later, i get my first license DC3AO. With this german novice-license, i do my first experience on the VHF and UHF bands. In 1973, one year later, i take place for the morse-code examination and get my callsign DK6AO. From this time, i work ham-radio almost only on shortwave DX bands.

  • My U.S. callsign is K6DAO and my Danish call 5Q6A
  • I work as electronics-, hf-radio and network specialist at a major fire department.
  • I live in the 1000 years old town Goslar, north of the Harz-Mountains in JO51.

As a former IOTA chaser i look forward to activate some particular islands around the world. In the past, i was active on more than 30 islands in Europe, the USA, Costa RicaNamibia and Canada. I was ham-radio active in several parts of the world include CT9, ZS, V5, TI, W, VK, VE7, VY1, KL7 and some more. Foreign callsign i have used: F0GKW/FC, VK6DAO, VK8DAO and TI7KK.
  • I look forward to the next activity.
  • I am active also in digital modes. FT8 only >50 MHz. Meteor Scatter on 50 and 70 MHz in MSK144.
  • 70 MHz in DL: 70,151 WSPR; 70,154 FT8; 70,174 MSK144 (MS); 70,197 DX calling (SSB + CW)
Member # 560 of the True Blue DXers Club,
to keep real DX
(SSB + CW) alive!

Direct only! I am not member of the national radio club (up from 2019). I only QSL with traditional paper QSL-card. I do not use eQSL, or any other such quasi QSL scheme. If you send a direct QSL, you get my card back direct.

  • For contacts with my home-station DK6AO, no postage necessary. For any activities, see below.

QSL Service for my Activities and TI7KK (Isla San Jose 2009):
No Bureau anymore! Direct
is for sure if you send a self address,
self adhesive (all other i send back open!) envelope

and the postage = US$2,--. But: No IRC! Only one callsign or one qsl per envelope!





On the HF-DX-Bands i work all the time only with very small equipments. In the course of time, i have confirmed more than 350 DXCC entities and over 850 IOTA islands. All by paper QSL! More than 95% with 100 watt pep, and Ø dB antennas. At the present time i am using a icom IC-7300 or a kenwood TS-590, a cushcraft MA5B mini beam and wire antennas. Also some hommade QRP equipments and portable transceiver like FT-857, Elecraft KX2 and other.

50 MHz and 70 MHz with IC-7300 (25 Watt) and Moxon Antenna.

  • I use definitely no fucking internet-line for amateur radio 2-way communication include remote RX/TX. Because it's too easy and too stupid!